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[DIR]baseq2/2020-02-14 11:29 -  
[DIR]ctf/2020-02-14 11:29 -  
[   ]r1q2ded-old2017-10-29 11:58 239K 
[   ]r1q2ded322017-10-26 19:04 943K 
[   ]r1q2ded642017-10-24 21:45 1.1M 

Important Info

r1q2ded32 and r1q2ded64 are both of the latest build (8012) and have been compiled 10/2017. and are also recently built. The ctf directory has the 64-bit game logic object in it as well.

r1q2ded-old wasn't built by me. I'm just hosting it because I couldn't find it online anywhere.

Special thanks to Zy Rykoa for the idea to put together a Q2CTF server and giving me the challenge to find the various mostly lost components of such a server.